Full Day PRE-K Program (4-5 yrs) & Grades 1-8th  **LIMited space available**

If your child is pre-registerred with a $100 deposit by May 28th, 2021, then you will receive $100 off at registration (that means $200 toward registration).    

Registration:  $430  per year--this includes textbooks, basic materials, and safety items.  During covid -19, it is recommended that children not share supplies such as pens, pencils, markers, glue, and other personal items. We are asking parents to supply those items until the pandemic is over. At that time, the school will be responsible for providing all school supplies

SDA Church member (Pre-K program & 1- 8th)​​ 

                                                     Yearly         Monthly/10 payments

1st Child                                   $3,500         $350
2nd Child​​                                  $3,100         $310
3rd Child​                                  $2,800         $280

Other (pre-K & 1- 8th)         

                                                     Yearly        Monthly/10 payments

1st Child                                    $4,400         $440
2nd Child​​                                   $4,000         $400
3rd Child​                                   $3,700          $370

​For Summerville, goose creek, and North Charleston:
​​              $60 per month, due on the first for one child
              $80 per month for two children​  
Bus Contract for 2021-2021 is available on request, but we suggest parents may want to consider forming carpools during covid-19. 


credit cards are accepted with 3% usage fee.                     


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