For over 60 years, we have been providing quality private Christian education to the families of the Lowcountry, and we would like you to join our school family.  Based on mutual respect for all, we have been blessed by families from many different backgrounds and belief systems. In this time of great anxiety, we want your child to have a safe place where they will be challenged to grow in every aspect of their lives.  

Adventist Christian Academy of Charleston (ACA or ACA Charleston, for short) may be our new name, but we are still part of the second largest parochial system in the world.  Our school system has years of experience maximizing the advantages of a multi-grade approach to education.  Our classes average 8-15 students with a certified teacher. This allows us to adapt to our changing times, and provide quality personalized instruction to all students.  So, whether you are looking for small group instruction in a Face-to-Face setting, or a virtual approach, we are the school for you!


We have applied to be part of the new South Carolina Safe Grant program that will allow parents to use funds from the CARES ACT to pay private and independent school tuition.  Demand will be high so parents need to go to WWW.MYSCEDUCATION.ORG and sign up for notification of when the program goes live. 


New Family Discounts!

We are offering new family discounts for families that join us this year.  Please contact us soon to receive 50% off one registration and $100 discount on your first five payments.  In order to maintain our personalized program and follow social distancing guidelines, our openings are limited in certain grades. Click on the contact button today!

Smaller is better in this case

Even though all of the area school districts are working hard to finalize their plans for reopening schools, the fact remains that large schools and districts are hampered by the vast number of students. There is only so much that can be done when dealing with social distancing guidelines and temporary virtual instruction when 20-30 students are involved.  In this case, smaller is better!

Since we are smaller, we have more options.  We can adapt to provide as safe of an environment as possible, while still being able to provide personalized instruction. Our student desks will be separated by distance and not just by plexiglass.  We will be able keep different classrooms separated during the day to minimize exposure, and the fact that we have a small number of different families is a positive also. 

SMALLER IS BETTER also because we will be able to provide MAP testing to our students within the first two weeks of school so that we can start addressing any academic slide that might have happened.  

SMALLER IS BETTER if we have to go back to online teaching this fall.  Last spring, our teachers spent 4-5 hours PER DAY, EVERY DAY  teaching via Zoom to ALL of our students.  Our pledge is that we will provide instruction in real-time, with real classes and with real teachers every day, whether it is Face-to-Face or online.  We can make this pledge because SMALLER IS BETTER.