With the world and our nation in upheaval due to the Covid-19 virus, we want the community to know that you can count on our school to provide excellent education to students. Our teachers provide 3-4 hours of direct instruction to students on a DAILY basis. Because we are close to our students, we can adapt to meet the different needs. We want to encourage parents to register now so that they will feel secure in the future no matter what happens.

We are offering a special Pre-Registration discount until May 24. By placing a $100 non-refundable deposit, a place for your child can be secured at our school. This deposit will be combined with a $100 credit whenever you complete registration. We still have NEW FAMILY DISCOUNTS that will further reduce the cost of our quality education. The new family discounts will remain, but the Special Pre-Registration Discounts expire May 24. 

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Our building may be empty each day, but our educational program goes on with our teachers providing between 3-4 hours of direct online contact and instruction PER DAY to our students, with additional help sessions being available.  Our teachers have assisted each family so that every child has access to the materials they need in order to continue their academic growth.  We yearn for the day when our halls will ring with the normal joyous sounds of a vibrant school environment.  Until then, our teachers will provide the very best education possible under the circumstances.