Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School







The image that a student creates should reflect a commitment to the principles of modesty, simplicity, cleanliness, safety and health.  Our outward appearance can affect our conduct, our influence on others and our success in life.


The Charleston SDA School has adopted a uniforms policy for K5 - 8th.  The dress policy is as follows:


Boys will wear white, green, or red "polo" style shirts, navy blue or khaki uniform-style slacks or shorts, and belts, for classroom wear, with school monogrammed hoodies optional.


Girls will wear white, green or red "polo" style shirts, navy blue or khaki uniform-style shorts, skirts, jumper or slacks, with school monogrammed hoodies optional.  A white Peter Pan collared blouse may be worn only with a jumper.

Students in the 9th grade (when applicable) are allowed to choose any color of polo shirt, uniform-style slacks, skirts, skorts, shorts, or capris within the other stated rules of dress.

During Physical Education or other specified activities, athletic shoes of correct size and function are encouraged.  The proper PE attire will be determined by the teacher and communicated with parents. 

The designated "Red" T-shirt will be worn on field trips unless deemed by the teacher as not appropriate for that specific trip.  All students must have the proper field trip shirt available.  Students may use shirts from previous years.  Otherwise, parents must purchase said shirt at the beginning of the school year at registration.

The staff schedules “dress-down” days. Students are allowed to wear loose jeans, and appropriate t-shirts. Girls can wear modest tight-armed sleeveless tops.



The following are examples of attire that are considered unacceptable for school and school related activities, including church performances, graduation and field trips:

1.     Uniforms that are tight, too long or too short, torn, frayed, excessively worn, that have metal rivets, double-stitched seams, made of stretch material, have pocket flaps, or more than 4 standard pockets.

2.      Extreme or bizarre clothing or clothes with slogans.

3.   Jewelry such as earrings, rings, lockets, necklaces, or bracelets (except when necessary for medical identification purposes).

4.      Excessive or obvious make-up or nail polish that detracts from the natural appearance of the individual. (Ex. blue or purple nail polish).

5.      Hair that is extreme in style or faddish.

6.     Any other type dress or appearance that, in the opinion of the faculty, does not meet Christian standards or that detracts from the operation of the school program.

7. Jean style pants are not acceptable for classroom wear except for "dress-down days."

Students improperly attired will be handled on an individual basis as discreetly as the situation allows.  Parents will receive a dress code slip for rule infractions.