Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School







1.      Students will respect other students' right to learn.

2.      Students will not be disruptive in the classroom

3.      Students will respect the responsibility of the teacher to conduct class in an orderly fashion.

4.      Students will not leave class without permission of the teacher.

5.      Students will respect other students’ rights of safety.

6.      Students will walk quietly in the halls.

7.      Students will show proper respect for the Word of God and maintain a reverent attitude during religious exercises.

8.  Students will practice acceptable principles of Christian morals, ethics, fair play, and courtesy in all school relationships.

9.     Students will refrain from any act that injures, degrades or disgraces others.

          10.       Students will respect all school equipment and




Disciplinary actions range from oral or written reprimands to suspensions and expulsion.  The action taken depends on the severity of the offence as well as the number and frequency of previous acts of misconduct. 


Students may be requested to withdraw from school for any of the following reasons:

1.       The student's connection with school is no longer profitable to himself/ herself.

2.       The student's influence is detrimental to others.

3.       Previous attempts to help the student have not brought about necessary changes or results.


Students who are asked to withdraw may reapply for admission after attending another school for at least one quarter.  Reacceptance will be based on recommendations from pastors, teachers, school administrators and the availability of space.


Unacceptable behaviour may also result in detention after school.




Experience has taught us that there are some practices that should not be permitted in schools.  Since SDA schools would not knowingly receive students who offend in these practices, the first offence in any one of the following points makes the student liable to serious discipline whether the offence is committed on or off school grounds.  These offences include, but are not limited to:

1.     Using or promoting the use of narcotics, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages in any form or furnishing them to others.

2.      Gambling, betting, or possessing gambling devices.

3.      Using profanity, swearing or vulgar gestures.

4.      Improper conduct or suggestions, possessing or displaying obscene literature or pictures, sexual harassment.

5.  Dishonesty, including stealing, cheating, lying, and deception regarding violation of school regulations.

6.      Wilful destruction or defacing of school property vandalism. (Students must also pay for repair.)

7.      Participation in humiliating or degrading another person.

8.      Illegal entry to school grounds or any building the school owns, rents, or uses.

9.      Defiance or insubordination by a student towards any teacher or staff member.

10.    Negative or disruptive attitudes toward the school (policies, procedures, curriculum), teachers, fellow students, or the church.

11.       Causing physical harm to others, or threatening violence towards another.

12.       Aggressive or combative behaviors.

13.       Repeatedly breaking school or class rules.


The protection of our children and young people must be the highest priority. While recent reports indicate that schools, by and large, are safe and orderly places of learning, we also recognize that we live in a violent society and as such our schools are not immune to the possibility of violence.  For this reason, the following policy shall apply to all schools within the Carolina Conference.


“Students are prohibited from bringing any firearm or weapon to school or to a school-sponsored activity.  A student who possesses a weapon or who carries, exhibits, displays or draws any weapon or any object which can be mistaken as a weapon, or any item apparently capable of producing bodily harm in a manner which, under the circumstances, manifests an intent to intimidate another or warrants alarm for the safety of others shall be subject to immediate discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion.  Parents and the appropriate law enforcement agencies shall be notified.  Appropriate counselling is required before the student returns to schools.”