Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School


 We believe that education must contain academic preparation that results in self-motivated and rewarding learning experiences. We also believe that education must provide a Christian learning environment that fosters the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual potential of each student.
Service to God
Our Bible-directed curriculum, prayer in the classroom and appropriate opportunities for students to commit their lives to God will encourage a life-long desire to serve Him.
 Quality Teaching Professionals
The key to fulfilling our mission is in retaining teachers who strongly support it in word and action. We hire teachers who reflect our values and mission statement, and who are dedicated to serving God, children and their families through the ministry of teaching.
True Education
We purpose to provide an environment in which al lstudent may be prepared for a life of Christian service.
1.      To emphasize the significance of Bible as the primary source of guidance in one's life.
2.      To teach children that Jesus wants to be and will be their best friend if they choose Him as one.
3.      To teach Biblical and Christian values.
4.      To develop each child's individual, academic potential.
5.      To help students develop feelings of self-worth.
6.  To provide experiences that develop competence in core subjects - reading, writing, mathematics, and communicating.
7.      To help students develop an interest in, and experience the joy of learning.
8.      To teach students to work and play cooperatively with others.
9.      To teach respect for people, classroom materials and equipment.
10.  To help students understand their choices and accept responsibility including the consequences or rewards that come with those choices. 
11.   To create learning experiences that teach students the joy of knowing God more fully through Christian service and witness.
12.   To establish satisfying relationships with other children and adults.
13.   To help the students learn to think for themselves and not be merely reflectors of others' thoughts.
14.   To encourage habits of clean and healthful living in order to maintain the body as the temple of God.
15.  To develop the hope of the second coming of Christ and eternal life with Him.