Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School

Our Foundation

The Adventist educational system is a worldwide program. It encompasses all types of schools from small elementary schools to prestigious universities all over the world including 8500 schools, colleges and universities with approximately 108,500 teachers and 1,850,00students. The Charleston Seventh Day Adventist School was founded in the early 1920’s and has been in continuous operation since. Our mission is to prepare young people for success in the 21st century and beyond. We believe education must contain academic preparation that results in a self-motivated and rewarding learning experience. We provide a Christian learning environment that fosters the harmonious development of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual potential of each student.
As never before, our children need to know and trust in God for life. The goal is to provide an environment where each student has the opportunity to get to know Jesus and His great love and care. Along with a daily worship and Bible class, students are led to see the wonders and principles of the Creator infused throughout the curriculum. Students not only learn about God and the stories in the Bible, they experience Him through application of true principles in their daily lives. These activities give them an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.
Basic knowledge is taught using cutting-edge teaching methods that reach different types of learners. In addition to the basics, we concentrate on the necessity for the students to learn about technology, critical thinking, problem solving, data handling and basic people skills. 
 “The love and compassion I received during my nine years molded my life. A Christian Education in an intimate environment is a priceless gift that will last for eternity. I thank my parents for the sacrifice.”             M. McCants
It is paramount for happiness and harmony within friendships,
the workplace and marriage to have the ability to get along
with others. Cooperative skills are infused into the school programs
in a variety of ways to help students develop competency in working
together while still maintaining their own personal views and values
Students are taught health principles and encouraged to adopt a lifestyle that will promote their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Fresh air, sunshine, proper diet, exercise, abstinence, rest and trust in Divine Power are emphasized and encouraged. 

The Charleston SDA School is accredited by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists which is recognized by the National Council for Private Schools Accreditation.
We are dedicated to making your child number one. We instill Christian principles throughout the program. Christian education isn’t a sacrifice: it is an investment. We provide a safe learning environment and a caring atmosphere so your children will grow to be valuable members of society.