Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School

Fund Raising



One of our sponsors is Office Depot.   As you make purchases there, if you give them this number, we receive a cash credit for our school.  The number is:  70090221.  Thank you for stretching our dollars.

We have small boxes in both the school and/or the church lobby for:
- Campbell Soup labels
- Box Top coupons
- Small electronics (to depose of cell phones, i-pods, etc.)
- Printer cartridges, large and small

PUBLIX - If you will come get a "key card" from our office, Publix kicks back a percentage of total spendings to our school.  Cool!

Major Fund Raiser - We want to repave the entrance to our building with "sponsored brick."  You can have the name of someone you wish to honor, or your own name on a red brick to be used to surface our sidewalk entranceway.  Businesses are encouraged.  The proceeds are divided between the capital improvements for our school and our bus.

Links:  site/1/docs/Sidewalk of Support Flyer 16.pdf
Form: site/1/docs/Sidewalk_of_Support_Revised (3).doc

TWO ANNUAL FUND RAISERS - Fall Bike-a-thon and the Spring Pine Car Race.
Students will be soliciting for funds to sponsor these events.  Call 843 571-7519 to offer your contribution.