Charleston Seventh-day Adventist School



Application forms can be downloaded by clicking on underlined link.  Click on back arrow when finished.
After printing, mail or bring to school office with registration and first month's tuition check. You may also request these forms from the school office if you have difficulty accessing these forms.


1. New Application -->   site/1/docs/Student Application new ready to fill 2014.pdf

2. Financial Contract (also see Tuition) --> 

3. Release of Previous School Records -->   1/docs/Record_Release.pdf

4. Treatment Release, AUP, & Photo Release Forms -->   1/docs/Consent.pdf ,  site/1/docs/Covenant_AUP_Handk_agree.doc

5. Statement of Faith -->    1/docs/Faith.pdf

K-1st  Recommendation Forms (available soon, see office)
Elementary Recommendation Forms (available soon, see office)


1. Returning Student Application -->   site/1/docs/Application R 14-15.pdf

2. Financial Contract (also see Tuition) -->  

3. Treatment Release, AUP, & Photo Release Forms -->  1/docs/Consent.pdf

PAPERS IN SPANISH (documentos en español)

1. Aplicación  -->site/1/Student Application Spanish-2018-2019.pdf

2. Contrato  --> site/1/contract Spanish 2018-2019.pdf

3. Tratamiento de liberación y otros  -->  site/1/docs/treatment release spanish.doc

4. Declaración de fe  -->  site/1/docs/faith statement spanish.doc

5. La aplicación para volver  (sólo formas subrayadas)   -->  site/1/docs/AUP & misc Spanish.doc